Saturday, December 1, 2012

Matt Moneymaker and Rick Dyer on the 2008 Hoax

Matt Moneymaker, after cautioning people about Dr. Melba Ketchum and her Bigfoot DNA claims all day yesterday, just tweeted this video of a very compelling Bigfoot conference in Palo Alto, California from 2008. Two men convinced the entire world  that they found a Bigfoot body. "Never forget this surreal 30 minutes on live TV in 2008. They tried to keep the world in suspense so they could swindle," Matt wrote.

Moneymaker puts down anyone that out shines him. With that being said He is 100% correct
about never forgetting the 2008 hoax because people almost fell for the Tazer/Smeja Sierra Kills
Hoax. 2008 Hoax was just a joke by two guys that didn't believe in bigfoot. I wouldn't change a
dam thing ,it made the bigfoot world stronger and less likely to fall for a hoax and made me
who I am today. In 2013 people will tank God for the hoax!, "Dyer wrote


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