Friday, December 28, 2012

Where does Bigfoot live?

Bigfoot Sightings Map

Bigfoot has been sighted thoughout North America, mainly in the United States and Canada. About a third of all sightings have been in the Pacific Northwest in the states of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and British Columbia, Canada. It is said that its relatives can be found around the world with such names as the Yeti, the Yeren, the Almas, the Yowie and many more.

Bigfoot is overwhelmingly discounted in the scientific community. The creature is considered to be a combination of folklore, misidentification and hoaxes, rather than a real animal. Scientists say there is a lack of evidence, and all existing evidence is only circumstantial. They also cite that sightings occur in areas unusual for a great ape and no great ape fossils of any kind have been found in the region. They also insist that there are not enough food sources for a creature this size to exist. Despite all of this, there are a few scientists that do believe in the creatures existence.

No body or bones of a Bigfoot have ever been found. This can be explained with many reasons. One is reason is that nature has a way with getting rid of animal remains. Many large animals die each year of natural causes, yet rarely are any remains found. When an animal dies, its remains are quickly consumed by maggots and other predators. This process can take less than ten days. Anything still remaining will be spread out across the forest, rotted, or burried in leaves. Some experts also feel that Bigfoot may bury their dead as humans do. Another thing worth mentioning is if someone is hiking in the woods and see's a bone, they don't usually take it with them for further analysis. On top of everything, these creature probably don't die very often, making any fossils very rare. All of these factors make it unlikely that any bones or body are to be discovered.

The Bigfoot population can only be guessed as there is limited data to base any estimates on. To get a good guess of these numbers there are some things to consider. Experts say there needs to be a minimum of 2000 of these animals to sustain a healthy population. One also has to consider the number of credible sightings when taking an estimate. These sighting also have to include those that never come forward with their report because of fear of ridicule. Another problem is that these creatures are elusive and live in remote regions, as well as being considered nocturnal. These factors make any sightings being pretty rare. Good educated guesses of the Bigfoot population range from about 2000-6000 individuals in North America. The actual number may not even fit inside of this range.

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