Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rick Dyer is one of Bigfoot the Evidence Top Five Researchers of 2012

There were many people in 2012 that made the headlines, some for better reasons than others. There was the whole Ketchum DNA saga, the ridiculous 'Daisy' fiasco and the less said about Smeja and co ...the better. But it wasn't all bad. There was some good too. Over the last month or so we here at BIGFOOT: THE EVIDENCE have been mulling over the events of 2012 and have now chosen our top five Bigfoot researchers of 2012. This is the top five, in no particular order, as chosen by the BIGFOOT: THE EVIDENCE admin, Adam, Paul and Steve.

# Cliff Barackman – As a member of the 'Finding Bigfoot' team, Cliff is a well-known character in the Bigfoot world, and has dedicated his life to researching the big guy. His most memorable contribution in 2012 has to be his work on the February 2012 London trackway, and also his work with the B.F.R.O.

# Rick Dyer – In the world of the big guy, Rick Dyer is certainly a controversial character but we have all thrown our support behind him in 2012. The fact that he filmed one of the best videos of a Bigfoot of all time, the Tent film, and subsequently killed this Sasquatch and is in possession of the body, makes him deserved of one of 2012's best Bigfoot researchers.

# James 'Bobo' Fay – Bobo, as he is affectionately
known, isn't afraid to get his hands dirty while doing field research on the big fella. Bobo literally lives to “hunt the 'Squatch” and it is this dedication to the cause that makes him one of the best out there.

# Jack Barnes / 'Facebook Find Bigfoot' – As one of the most popular Bigfoot pages ever, FBFB, led by Jack Barnes, are fantastic and and are one of the best out there. Their video breakdowns are truly great and attention to detail while studying films, pictures and audio of Sasquatch is second to none.

# Marlon K. Davis – Over the last year, M.K Davis has dedicated a vast amount of time studying videos of supposed Sasquatch, his most important work focusing on and authenticating the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. He has also worked on and shared the various videos from the habituation site in Paris, Texas, known collectively as the Mike Sells tapes, and has literally watched hours and hours of videos from this site. His work on these tapes have been both fascinating and controversial but we have enjoyed the ride.

So, who will get the title of 2013 researchers next year? Lets see how the year pans out........