Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bigfoot on the Navajo Nation shot

Well not really, but rumors have spread on Facebook that a Big foot was shot on the Navajo reservation and officials brought the body to Phoenix. (haha) Of course, these are only rumors. No one has evidence, but if you do, we want to know.
Last year, two campers shot a viral video of what they claim was an allege bigfoot lurking in the Provo Utah mountains. Here on the Navajo Nation, there is an open vast remote area and anything could be out their.
We posted a question on facebook and asked what our readers thought or if they even seen one. 100 comments later, Heather Sandoval said, “Myth or not….some things should be left alone, your elders must have not taught you anything.” Bean Williams added, “They should just leave him alone and continue feeding him their cows if he attacks a human remember they shot a bigfoot first.”
In 2012, the newly created television show Navajo Cops caught a pair of eyes glancing at them from a distant cave. The Navajo Police from Crownpoint said they been hearing weird howls in the dark of the night, but could not determine where it came from.
Witnesses have also heard similar sounds throughout the reservation and even seen one lurking near the San Juan river in Fruitland, NM. Again, these are just claims- one has evidence. (knock on wood) Whatever the truth maybe, the discovery of an actual Bigfoot continues.  Subscribe to our facebook and join the conversation.

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