Friday, February 15, 2013

Researcher Derek Randles To View Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot Body

Researcher Derek Randles To View Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot Body

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

We’ve all been hoping for some kind of confirmation of the supposed Bigfoot body housed in Las Vegas by Rick Dyer. Many have not been satisfied
with the idea of long-time skeptic, Musky Allen, having been the only other individual in the community that has seen it. It’s believed the community is looking for a more "trusted" individual to view it and confirm it’s "authenticity."

But a Crypto Crew team member has confirmed tonight that Washington State researcher, Derek Randles, has been personally invited by Dyer to view the body. He would not disclose the time this would take place, but Randles himself confirmed this after Dyer apologized to Randles on his blog earlier today for dragging Randles’ name through the mud on many occasions since Dyer first released the story and the "tent video" to the public.

We’ll have more information as this unfolds. ********DF


Anonymous said...

I found this on Ketchum's web under the list of suited samples.

Derek Randles

1 sample, tissue – California

Derek Randles owns a landscape installation company and a wilderness guide service. He is a co-founder with Rich Germeau of The Olympic Project. Derek’s submission to the SGP is a piece of hair-covered tissue collected from the scene of an alleged shooting of an adult Sasquatch and the killing of a very young Sasquatch child. Widely reported on the Web for almost two years, this account has created extensive controversy about the details of the reported incident itself, Justin Smeja, the hunter who admitted to the shootings, and another man who was the only witness to the alleged events. Justin Smeja signed this tissue sample over to Derek, who submitted it to the SGP for analysis. About three inches long and about an inch thick and wide, it included attached hair, skin and some of the underlying tissue. It is the first known hair-covered Sasquatch tissue sample ever to be scientifically examined and tested. Its size permitted examination that resulted in additional information, also included in the SGP’s recently published research paper.

Anonymous said...

Rick, did you not tell us that another well known member of the bigfoot community has already seen the body. Why is Derek Randels so important?

Anonymous said...

If Randles also confirms the body we can be absolutely sure. But it would be great to know what other people joined Musky on his visit to the body a couple of weeks ago. Can`t you disclose the names yet, Rick?
Best, Joerg

trency said...

Let come see the dang body! I tell eveyone if its true

Anonymous said...

The best (and only really thorough) way to do this:

1. Invite other well-known Bigfoot researchers (Jeff Meldrum, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, et al) AS WELL as some top zoologists from respected universities to come as a panel group to visit and examine the actual body for an hour or more, with their own hands, allowing them to probe and lift and prod and open the mouth and eyes, take fingerprint and footprint samples, etc.

2. Carefully and methodically Videotape the proceedings of the examination, starting from head to toe.

3. Remove several small tissue samples for extensive DNA analysis at at least three to five different DNA testing labs.

4. Hold a public press conference immediately afterward.

No more of this "limited sneak-peek" it up to an OPEN and public examination!!! Nothing less will satisfy the public.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

We recently viewed Dan Shirley and Derek Randles on the Bigfoot Files, a documentary program that seemed to be on the side of "scientific" discreditors of Bigfoot Reality and their UFO connection(s).

As someone who has been under $urveillance by the $CIA$KGB$ $FBI$FSB$ $NSA$NKVD$ in the past 40 years, and who has had contacts with the greatly concealed and covered up contact people such as

UFO Prophet Ted Owens


Zoologist Ivan Sanderson

I can assure any reading this that the large creatures are real IF OTHER DIMENSIONAL PHENOMENA are taken into account, that is, the ability of Beings to traverse time-space into that of Earth time-space.

We were involved in the 1972 Mo Mo visitation and yes, this involved UFO lights at night.

Certainly a Human Military is actively interested in avoiding the subject of UFO and Bigfoot abilities to come and go at will from ANY area of their choosing.

Our sympathy goes out to Dan Shirley, Garland Fields, Derek Randles and any others who Human Science will do their utmost to totally and thoroughly discredit.


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Never Trust News...
Never Trust News...

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