Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Breaking: Justin Smeja Bigfoot Shooting HOAX! The HOAX That Just want die!

Breaking: Justin Smeja Bigfoot Shooting  HOAX

Holy Matt-Moneymaker-On-a-Pogostick! The story of our friend Justin Smeja who allegedly shot and killed two Bigfoots in the Sierras is going to be featured on the "Monsters and Mysteries in America" TV show. Monsters and Mysteries in America airs Sundays at 10pm ET/PT beginning March 24 on Destination America. Please check your local listings for the airing of this show. Here's the description:

Sasquatch: Sierra Mountains, California/Olympic Mountains, Washington. Within the region’s dark, tightly packed interior, wildlife is so abundant that it’s become the rumored home of an elusive wild creature known as Sasquatch. Many adventurers are drawn to these mountains in hopes of encountering the famed hairy giant, but some confront the monster purely by chance, like Justin Smeja Bear Meat Boy!, who claims to have encountered a family of Sasquatch during a routine hunting trip.

What do you want to bet they failed to tell the producers that Bear Meat Boy only evidence came back as Bear-Meat!..........Oh well more proof that this was done only entertainment purposes..


Anonymous said...

So, Rick tell us about the no show at the "Tribeca Film Festival".

Anonymous said...

I listened to Justin on sqatch talk and I can't believe how he lies , I'm also buddies with randy and what Justin says after randy shot the deer is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Actually Boone wrote about a giant ape man he called "ya ya man" ? That was the begining of the age of YELLOW JOURNALISM!! I BELIEVE 20% OF WHAT I'M TOLD & 80% OF WHAT I SEE!