Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hank's Body To Be Released SOON!

No wonder Rick Dyer's radio show is the most talked about Bigfoot program in history. Rick made a major announcement on his show last night that the body of the Bigfoot know as "Hank" that he shot last September in Texas will be revealed to the world  quote "Any day now". The body release had been scheduled to be revealed on August 15, but now a decision has been made to move the date up. This will rock the scientific and zoological community plus the entire world when it is proven that these creatures are in fact real. People will no longer be afraid to come forward with their sighting and encounters.

Be sure and listen to Rick's show tonight 6/2/13 on Blogtalk and also broadcast on YouTube

Artist rendering by David Durrett done for Musky Allen's after viewing the body.

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