Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Rick Dyer 90th Bigfoot Expedition This Weekend"


 Rick Dyer & Team Tracker Mt. Charleston, NV Expedition is this coming weekend. As mentioned a few weeks ago. This is the first time many current Team Tracker members will be attending. We're also very happy that Bigfoot researchers Dallas and Wayne are also coming to this expedition. Team Tracker members will be coming from Vermont, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Chicago and other cities here in the US.. The team includes Chris Sands, Frank Cali, StickFoot Tom Stickel and our newest members Melissa Harsh and, Dale Boswell and his wife. A professional film crew will be with us and with very expensive high tech equipment. The entire expedition will be video taped and put on a DVD that will be available soon after.The area has approximately 10 recent sightings in recent times, so if Bigfoots are still there, we have a good chance for an encounter.  This is the first expedition with the new Tracker vehicle with the brand new body wrap that was completed just last week. Several gold members will also be attending and all of us are looking forward to this very much. It is going to be a blast with memory's to last a lifetime. So, get ready Vegas...he we come.

The next expedition is set for Boggy Creek Expedition is set for July 19th though the 22nd. More details will be posed as we get them.