Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Rick Dyer Bigfoot Expedition #90 All Systems Are Go"


Rick Dyer and several Team Tracker members will be searching for Bigfoot this weekend in his Mt. Charleston, NV Expedition, which is Rick's 90th
Alot of high tech equipment will be used in the search including 2 FLIR cameras, video and audio  recorders along with Rick's excellent tracking skills. There have been approximately 10 recent reports of Bigfoot on Mt. Charleston, so we have a good chance of an encounter. The team includes myself, Chris Sands, StickFoot Tom Stickel and our newest members Melissa Harsh and, Dale Boswell and his wife.
As most of you already know, the various 911 calls and reports of Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas lead Rick with Morgan Matthews, the Director of "Shooting Bigfoot" to the location where Rick shot and killed a Bigfoot, now named "Hank". The movie recently made it debut in Canada at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and also at the prestigious Cannes Film festival.

 If you haven't read his book written along with David Durrett titled "I Shot Bigfoot" I highly suggest you do so. The book goes into detail on what happened that night in September 2012 and the follow up. The book is one of Amazon's best sellers and you can get your copy (link posted below)


Frank Cali Team Tracker Member