Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bigfoot "The Tent Video"

Almost everyone in the Bigfoot community have tried and tired to prove this Rick  Dyer famous video was faked. They say it was CGI (Computer-generated imagery), it's was a guy in a mask, it was green screen, the process to superimpose an object on to the video background. They bought dozens of masks, they tried to recreate this video...all to no avail.
Why? It's simple people. This is the real thing, no mistake about it. If you have ever had a sighting or an encounter with one of these beings, you know immediately this is a Bigfoot, no mask, no suit, no video production tricks.
If your not familiar with this video, it was taken on the night of September 6, 2012 by Rick Dyer. It was the second time in 24 hours that he saw it. The first time he was shocked and amazed looking at this over 8 foot tall creature looking directly in the face at him. Rick could not shoot then and the Bigfoot left.
Rick and Minnow Films Director Morgan Matthews then went to the local Wallmart in this area of San Antonio Texas and bought several hundred dollars of ribs and the now also famous Garanimals click click keys. The rest is history.
Here Rick in his own words talk about that night in the video below:
Also, a well know video annalist M.K. Davis took a look at this video and found some "eye opening" things
I will say it again and again, this is going to change the world as we know it. The scientific and zoological community we be turned upside down. Laws must be changed to protect this beings from harm and Rick Dyer and his entire team will give all the help necessary to make this happen. Well know Bigfoot author and researcher Christopher Noel has already started a drive to protect them as well. They live in piece in our forest and shy away from man for a reason. Only a very few lucky people ever get to seem them close up.
Christopher will be on our program tonight 7/7/13 along with Jack Barnes of Facebook/Findbigfoot and Musky Allen, the first person to view the body in Vegas. We may even have a surprise guest. Show starts at 9pm eastern - 6pm pacific broadcast on Blogtalk radio and YouTube. Your hosts are Chris Sands and Frank Cali, Team Tracker Vice President and Assistant Vice President. This is going to be a Bigfoot classic program, DON'T MISS IT!!!

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