Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Jealous Rant from Sir. Randy Filipovic

Rick Is Having A Show Tonight...Or He's On An "Expedition"

As always we respond in red!

Rick Dyer says I make soooo much money for him because he gets new followers. I fail to see how money is made off a floundering blog and a You Tube channel with nominal video views. The hay day of the tour we was pulling in around $1500 a month off adsence ,now only around $300 and lets see DVD sales, shirts, hats , and expeditions... Do I need to go on? Oh ya my floundering blog get 1000 hits perpost in the 1st 24hrs...not big time but good :)
   It's kind of funny, Rick says I make him money but I don't make any money off of him. In fact, I don't make any money at all. Sooo, who is riding who's coat tails? Randy must be in love with me eg...All Dyer all the time say no more!

This mindless rant is only one example of Rick saying I make him money. Wow, I'm allowed to keep my blog open, as if I needed permission from him. What a moron. Randy was nothing before me and will be nothing after like so many others :) He's making lots of internet friends! lol

  Anyway, I thought I'd help the half wit out by letting all of you know he is having a "show" tonight. If you're going to watch, make sure you're medicated. As usual the show will be about Rick, the haters, money, the haters and plenty more of Rick. The word "Bigfoot" may be used a few times. But yet you tune in ...What is it like being a stalker? lol

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Breaking News Randy Filipovic attempts Bullying Chris Noel

Rom Randy's hate blog!
Shortly after watching his entire video I started to leave comments. To my surprise, Christopher was online and he started to question my opinions. I obliged by providing answers but he started playing me for an idiot. He deflected issues I brought up and he was asking for extreme clarification to the point I thought he was being obtuse. He appeared to be confused by what I was saying.
I remained as polite as I could but Chris swiftly disabled comments, thus deleting all of my comments. I managed to get a couple of screen shots.

Phil Poling lets his Jealous EGO show!

Rick Dyer on Phil Poling and MK Davis Phil Poling Video

Friday, July 11, 2014

Reminiscing on my past Bigfoot escapades

I'm sitting here with some friends reminiscing on my past Bigfoot escapades. A friend of mine spoke up with a smile and said "  The reason why your people turned on you so quick after they couldn't get nothing else out of you is because those people  are the same kind of people that you call haters" . That comment stop me in my tracks and I thought about it. I quickly realized how right he was.
I just didn't see it at the time because I thought these guys were my friends. 99% of the haters are lonely ,jealous , unsuccessful, broke, Not happy with their current situation and even a little suicidal. I will give you some examples.. 

Frank Cali was The president of Team Tracker he is a very lonely man and had aspirations of being someone important all his life but failed.. So what does he do he orders and Air Force One jacket and hat from the gift store and said he used to work for the president. Hes a very hateful man ,he was up all night and day trying to find negative stuff to post about the haters every day none stop. His marriage failed and living in an old folks retirement home. Damn do I know how to pick them.. Later  on  he would go on to say he was dying and only had three months to live almost a year later he still in good health. Frank was fired for being too aggressive with other tracker members and then he flipped script and all his time energy wad focused on hating on me. Today he Is even more lonely but he still has that Pres. fantasy.

Andrew Clacy from Australia when I met him he seem like a person with a successful business very smart guy but after a month in late 2012 I realized all that was front. Andrew later claim I tricked him And ruin his business and his reputation. The truth is ..two months before we met his car was repossessed . He lived with his son in a two bedroom apartment in Australia which they was in the process of being kicked out. He had two clients making about $500 a month. Whatever he made he sent to a girl in Africa that kept promising she would come over. When Andrew arrive I never seen a person so happy he came here penniless  and abused. He credited me with saving him from the abuse he endured by his son. At the end of the day he

Randy Filipovic is getting real desperate now..

Check This out from "CUNT" Randy Filipovic

I comment in the red!!

Dyer Spins Another Tale

A friend of mine (yes, I have friends) decided to do some checking on a claim made by Ricky. No, it's not a Bigfoot claim, it's something different.
  If anyone has looked at Rick's "fan page" or heard his last "show", you will remember Dyer saying he watched 'The Walking Dead' being filmed in Griffin, Georgia. The story seems innocent enough, seriously, who would make up something like that? Why even bother?
  Well, we are talking about Rick Dyer, notorious liar ,thief, and con man. Not only did he lie but he stole another person's photo.
  Unlike Rick, I can show proof he made up the entire story. Again, all the thanks go to my amateur detective friend for sliding this across my desk. LOL it's 2014 and you can trace how many times a pic is uploaded and where.... Silly

LOL... NOT ONE TIME I EVERY SAID I TOOK THIS PICTURE! The walking dead is filmed in Griffin ,GA and We have been